Meet Your Goals with Our Personal Trainers in Brooksville

At Fitness Live in Brooksville, FL we have the best personal trainers in the area. Just click the Training tab to access their bios. We also have training options to fit everyone’s needs. One-on-one training is available in hour-long or 30-minute sessions. Or share sessions with a partner.

In addition, trainers at our Brooksville gym specialize in treatment of chronic diseases, including ones who are certified in cancer treatment therapy. Whether you have been diagnosed and not yet begun treatment, are receiving treatment or have completed treatment but are experiencing chronic or late effects from the disease or treatment, our trainers can help.

Want to benefit from the peer support, encouragement and accountability provided in a small group training setting (typically 5 or 6) that is geared towards accomplishing your goals? Try SGT (small group training). We have existing groups and are regularly forming new groups. Just let us know you’re interested and we will let you know what is available. If you know 4 or 5 others (members or non-members) who are also interested, we’ll work with you to organize SGT that is tailored to your goals and fits your schedule. If you have 2 or 3 who are interested, we’ll advertise the open spots to our members in order to fill the group. Experience the power of SGT!

For information on any of our training services or treatments and how they can help you, contact our fitness center today.